Fashion Ecologies Walk


Location: Walk starts at Macclesfield Town Hall, SK10 1EA, UK. Maps will be available free at the Macclesfield Tourist Information Centre (adjacent to the Town Hall) and is available to download here.

The distinctiveness of Macclesfield’s fashion activity is charted in a new walking map. Linking two keystones of the town’s textile and clothing culture, fabric suppliers and haberdashers Shufflebothams and The Fent Shop the route takes in independent, family-run businesses that support a range of diverse fashion activity in Macclesfield.

  • Buying new clothes is easy. Keeping them active or making them yourself takes skill.
  • Highstreets are full of places to buy new outfits, but they are rarely the venue for fabric shops and haberdashers – the places where you would access the materials to make and mend clothing;
  • Walking routes can create interesting urban corridors linking together new places often on the fringes of towns and at the edge of people’s consciousness;
  • Raising awareness of the places that support making and repair increases the range of fashion activity seen as valuable;
  • Increasing footfall in these places not only supports independent, family-run businesses but stimulates the textile and clothing culture of the town and its vibrancy.