Micro design projects


The Fashion Ecologies work raises many questions. Not least if scales of activity need to reduce in order to affect change, then who, in a fashion system focused on growth and increase, will lead the charge?

 Through four small design projects all based in Macclesfield and reflecting the opportunities and challenges found there, the Fashion Ecologies project, sought to test out some responses to this and other key questions:

  • How can we connect place and garment, tying knowledge of one together with the other in order to make both better understood?
  • How can effort be channelled into cultivating the activities that pay as much attention to the environments and communities as to more conventional fashion activity?
  • How can these activities sustain the places they are based in? What do they look like?
  • Could they lead to a shift in values towards a more sufficient and responsible fashion system, penetrating deep enough to effect change?

 All projects were conducted with craftspeople, designers, printers and suppliers in Macclesfield, with materials grown, bought or made from already existing stock in the town.